How to Spray Paint a Lamp

Got an old lamp that’s begging for an upgrade?

Years ago, I pilfered an elephant lamp from my parents. When its lampshade ripped during some move or another, I just kind of shoved the lamp in the corner. When I finally found a wonderful replacement from Cruel Mountain Designs (an embarrassing number of months–erm, years–later), it became immediately clear that the lamp would need a revamp to do justice to the custom shade!

I don’t have “Before” pictures because the lamp was in a very sorry state. During a paint stripping phase last year (shout out to Citristrip!) I decided to strip the lamp, too.

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Paper Party Banners D.I.Y.

As a New York City Public School kid, Mid-Winter Recess has always been a special time.

It means a week off from school for teachers and students starting on President’s Day. I took serious advantage of my teacherly time off this year by booking a much-needed three-day bday getaway to Woodstock with my beau.

Fun fact: My boyfriend and mom share a February 22nd birthday.

It’s a big year for both of them: Jason turned 30 and my mom turned 70! (Please hold your judgments on my poor daughterly-ness for choosing to spend this bday with my boyfriend instead of my dear mother!)

Since I love crafty things and can’t let my hands stay idle for too long, I made a paper banner to surprise Jason on his birthday morning.

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