Just 1 of 500,000 at the Women’s March on Washington

Have you ever marched for a cause?

For many women at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21, it was their first protest or march. For others, like me, it was one of many on a long list of protests. And it was absolutely overwhelming in scope.

I traveled to DC on a bus from Judson Church with my mom, my friend Elizabeth (see more of our protesting together here), members of the Judson congregation, and many new faces. Our bus loaded at 5:30a, and we were on the road to DC by 6a.

We got off our bus at close to 11:15a and walked to the closest spot we could find to the march route start. By 4:15p we finally made it to the actual route but had to turn around to get back to our bus.

There were just that many people standing, marching, and making it known that we will not allow women’s rights to be stripped away without a fight.
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